Voucher Scheme

This scheme provides free access to ISL interpreters for a variety of events, services, and activities, catering to the needs of both deaf individuals who use ISL as their first language and those who require ISL support to engage from October 2nd 2023.

This exciting opportunity is made possible through funding from the Department of Social Protection, through the Citizens Information Board. 

The scheme is designed to benefit ISL users over the age of 18, granting them access to a range of social, cultural, educational and medical events.

Operational Guidelines & Eligibility

The above video provides further clarity on the types of events, services, and activities that are eligible for free interpretation through the Voucher Scheme and which events are not covered under this scheme.

How to fill in the form:

The video above explains how to fill out the application for an ISL interpreter for an event under the Voucher Scheme. Please note only Deaf ISL users can apply for this scheme, if you are a nominated representative of a Deaf ISL user, please apply directly through SLIS.

Booking form

Personal Details

Name of Deaf ISL User:(Required)

Age Group(Required)
Do you identify with the following:(Required)

Event Information

Category of Event(Required)

Date of Event(Required)
Start Time(Required)
Estimated finish(Required)

Interpreter Preferences

Interpreter Preferences (please list 3 interpreter preferences, if no preference then please indicate below)
Do you have a Preference for an Interpreter?(Required)
I consent to the sharing of my information by SLIS for the fulfilment of the interpreting assignment and management of the scheme as set out below:(Required)
Data Processing Agreement:(Required)
I consent to the sharing of my information by SLIS to fulfil the interpreting assignment and management of the scheme as set out below:

SLIS regards the lawful and responsible treatment of personal information as very important/. Therefore, it ensures that this data is collected, processed, stored and disposed of in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR).

Some or all elements of the process may be undertaken by third parties. In such circumstances it will be necessary for your information to be shared between SLIS, the Interpreting Agency and ISL Interpreters for your application to be processed and fulfilled.

Information provided to SLIS will be used in the following ways:

  • To administer and facilitate requests for ISL interpreting in a smooth manner
  • To inform the Agency and Interpreters working under requests on the Scheme
  • For management and reporting purposes
  • Some elements of data provided may be used, in grouped and anonymous form, for research or statistical purposes to inform our funders and other interested parties of SLIS’s achievements and progress. You will never be identifiable from this data
  • Individual ISL Users experience will be used anonymously to help optimise the service delivery.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

SLIS cannot guarantee interpreter availability for applications to the voucher scheme.

Lack of availability of an ISL Interpreter for an application to the voucher scheme cannot be the basis for a complaint to SLIS.

SLIS recognise there is a shortage of interpreters in Ireland, and that sourcing ISL interpreters is an additional and considerable barrier to Deaf people living as full and equal citizens.

SLIS note The Houses of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice and Equality Report on the Formal Recognition of Irish Sign Language (2016) identified “systematic exclusion” and “extreme marginalisation due to the lack of sign language recognition and provision”.  SLIS is committed to work with stakeholders and decision makers to address this systematic weakness.