About Irish Remote
Interpreting Service


The Irish Remote Interpreting Service (IRIS) provides a live video-link to an Irish Sign Language interpreter.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 9:00am-8:00pm (last appointment 7:30pm)

Saturday 10.00am-4.00pm (last appointment 3:30pm)

Sunday 12.00pm – 2.00pm (last appointment 1:30pm)

IRIS was set up to reduce the inequalities Deaf people face every day in accessing public and other services and information.

IRIS enables organisations to communicate with Deaf clients, giving them access to their services and fully complying with Equal Status & Disability legislation, as well as Consumer Protection Codes and customer charters.


You arrange a video link appointment (e.g. Zoom) with the Deaf person and IRIS. The remote interpreter interprets for you and your Deaf client through video.

Benefits of using IRIS

  • Improves service to your Deaf clients
  • Increases your services reach
  • Enhances your corporate reputation
  • Contributes to social inclusion and equality
  • Enables you to comply with legislation
Advance booking recommended

Best to book in advance (at least one week’s notice is advised).

Where is IRIS appropriate?

IRIS is suitable for:

·         Calling any service in Ireland to make an appointment

·         Information Queries

·         Ordering and paying for products over the phone

·         Paying a bill

·         Revenue

·         Utility Providers/Insurance/Co. Council Queries

·         1 to 1 brief meetings


IRIS is not suitable for:

·         Solicitors meetings

·         Medical Consultations

·         Complaints/Disciplinary procedures

·         Group meetings

·         Job interviews

·         Formal Statements to Gardaí

IRIS is an additional service, but face-to-face interpreting services are still advised where IRIS is deemed inappropriate.

How much does it cost?

The service is free for Deaf citizens and many public service providers.


  • Computer with sufficient internet access
  • Speakers & webcam. These are already inbuilt in most laptops and PC’s
  • Download Zoom
  • Book a free test call with IRIS prior to your booking
  • Appointments are done through Zoom, you may be asked to download Zoom.  If you are, you can download it online if using a PC or laptop, or on the Play or App store on your smartphone.


Hello everyone.
You can now book IRIS online by clicking here https://slisie.wpengine.com/iris/#book-an-appointment

1. Click CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE. This will take you to the Timely website.
2. Click BOOK NOW and then select the first option that appears on the list (Deaf person).
3. Choose your date and time for your appointment.
4. Fill in your details and don’t forget to tick the box at the bottom of the page.
5. Click CONFIRM.

When you have finished the booking process IRIS will email to confirm your booking with the Zoom link.

You can also book by clicking here https://iris2.gettimely.com/ which takes you directly to the Timely website. Follow the process as above and when you are finished IRIS will email you a confirmation of your booking.