SLIS Request For Tenders
31st May 2019
Update on the National Forum for this Saturday
6th June 2019

National Forum consultation papers

A National Forum will be held in Cabragh Hall, Deaf Village Ireland on 8th June. The forum will be an open consultation on developing a registration scheme for Irish Sign Language and Deaf interpreters in Ireland.

What will be discussed at the forum?

In consultation with the Deaf community, interpreters and legal experts, SLIS has prepared three papers which show how the register could work. Click the links below for each paper.

1.Registration Scheme Process

2. Complaints and Mediation Process

3. Code of Conduct

Now, we would like your feedback on the consultation papers.

The papers are available to download from the SLIS Website. (see the link below)

The Quality Development Officer, Margaret O’Connor, will give a summary on the three papers at the National Forum. And the forum will be live streamed on the SLIS Facebook page.

Click on the link below to register.