Request for tenders
6th February 2019
Panel of Irish Sign Language (ISL) / English Sign Language Interpreters for vacancies in SLIS / Irish Remote Interpreting Service (IRIS) 2019 /2020
21st March 2019

IRIS pilot programme with An Garda Síochána


An Garda Síochána working with the Centre for Deaf Studies, Trinity College Dublin and Sign Language Interpreting Service have a link to IRIS to support members of the Deaf community.

IRIS is now set up in Cabra and Tralee Garda stations. This pilot program will provide better access to the Deaf community through ISL.

This pilot program is for six months. The program will be reviewed after six months.

The two Garda stations will provide a live video-link access to and Irish Sign Language interpreter using the Irish Remote Interpreting Service (IRIS).

Here is the link from An Garda Síochána, ISL video:


You can use IRIS for

  • Routine short enquiries from members of the Deaf community at the two Garda stations.
  • Processing of official documents e.g. Passport Forms, Driving licence production etc.
  • If you are a victim or witness to a crime you can give contact details and basic information
  • Make an appointment to provide a statement at a later date with a “Face to Face” interpreter.

The service is not suitable for:

  • Making a STATEMENT regarding any crime.
  • Any information that forms part of a LEGAL/CRIMINAL case.

You will need a face to face interpreter for making a statement or providing information about a legal or criminal case.