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14th June 2017

HSE SLIS Pilot Funding for interpreters GP’s

The HSE has asked SLIS to help make it easier for Deaf People have an Irish Sign Language interpreter at their GP’s appointments.
The HSE is giving SLIS a small fund for booking and paying for interpreters for GP appointments.
The HSE fund will only pay for interpreter for Deaf people with a HSE Medical Card or GP Visit card. But we hope to expand this in future, so that all Deaf people have access to interpreter for their GP appointments.

To book an interpreter for your GP appointment, Contact SLIS.

  • Text 087 980 6996
  • Email bookings@slis.ie
  • Skype/ooVoo: our username is slis.remote

What information does SLIS need from you?

  • Your Name
  • Medical Card number or GP Visit Card number
  • GP’s contact details
  • When you want see your GP

What will SLIS do?

  • SLIS will contact the GP
  • SLIS will Book the interpreter
  • SLIS will let you know date of the GP appointment and name of interpreter
  • SLIS will pay the interpreter on behalf of the HSE

Remember, if you do not have a medical card you still have a right to an interpreter your medical appointments in hospitals and HSE clinics