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18th June 2020

“HOW DO YOU LIKE TO BE FED?”: Successful Co-working for Interpreters

Interpreting from signed into spoken language and vice versa at length presents unique challenges. The success (or otherwise) of this kind of work can often be dependent on the quality of the co-working relationship. 

In this practical workshop, drawing on our wealth of experience in working as part of an interpreting team, we will discuss the benefits of booking more than one interpreter, and when this should happen. We will look at the steps that can be taken to prepare for co-working in the days before the assignment. Attitudes and approaches that can affect the team dynamic will be examined.

Open dialogue during the workshop will also encourage participants to take time before the assignment starts to negotiate how each team member likes to be supported to produce an accurate and successful piece of interpreting. In discussion sessions, participants will negotiate and agree co-working techniques, leading to the opportunity to put the agreed approaches into practice in a live interpreting situation. Through candid yet structured sharing of experiences, we will look at why some co-working assignments work extremely well – while others may be more of a negative experience, for both the interpreters and those relying on the interpretation. Finally, we will explore ways of conducting a successful debrief that honestly confronts any issues that arose in the assignment, while allowing everyone to leave in a positive frame of mind.

 In exploring these areas, our workshop will pursue a dual approach; the technical aspects of co-working, alongside the importance of building a positive working relationship within the interpreting team.


Places are limited, so please book early! Email

This session is intended for qualified and/or accredited interpreters.

If you are not a qualified or accredited interpreter, your name will be added to a standby list.


Saturday 7th March 2020   10.30am – 4.30pm

Location: O’Loughlin’s Hotel, Portlaoise, Co Laois   Cost:  Free (includes a Light Lunch)